About the Book

The Extraordinary Comeback

Author: Aleah Bass


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Let me start off by saying I never thought I would see the day that my writing would actually be published and displayed. I wrote this book for my senior writing project class my senior year of college. It was a two semester class that included a lot of editing and adding to the book throughout it all with the help of my professor and classmates through Zoom since we were online my whole senior year. Personally, I love reading romance novels or dramas. My inspiration for this piece was to make it seem like a lifetime movie. I wanted the reader to really feel as though they are in the main character’s shoes. While coming up with that, I thought of the idea of making up a fictional character and have them encounter real life events and ran with it. Adding to that, I made this character face hard situations that made her get to her goal of getting into her dream college. Going off of that, Cass (A totally made up character) had to face addiction, loss, heartbreak and life changing moments that altered her life forever. She comes up on top and makes her come back through self-intervention, recovery, and therapy. It’s never too late to get to your dream destination and that is exactly what I wanted my character to portray.