Author Aleah Bass never thought she would see the day she would actually publish this senior writing project. After a two-semester class that included a lot of editing and help from her professor and classmates, she is finally proud to present her debut novel, The Extraordinary Comeback. Being a fan of romance novels and dramas, she draws inspiration from this to come up with a story worth of a Lifetime movie, so the readers can really feel the characters. That’s what everyone will expect from the pages of this new fiction.


As readers leaf through the pages, they will meet Cass, who is about to face hard situations, although she will eventually triumph over it, to achieve her goal of getting into her dream college. She stays hopeful even though she feels as though she is behind in life. She keeps the faith while trying to better her life in every aspect. But it seems that before she gets there, she has to face addiction, loss, heartbreak and life-changing moments which will alter her life forever. She comes up on top and makes her come back through self-intervention, recovery, and therapy.


“It’s never too late to get to your dream destination and that is exactly what I wanted my character to portray,” shares the author.


This book is available online and can be purchased at online bookstores; Writers Republic, Amazon and Barnes and

About the Author

Aleah Bass is from South River, New Jersey, and still currently lives here. Her passion for writing started around sophomore year of high school when she started taking honors classes and was able to write more poems and in-depth stories, through which she could free-write and just let her thoughts flow. English language arts class has always been her strong suit and favorite subject. She felt as though she could express herself, and there really is no right or wrong; it’s only how people choose to tell their story. Her family has always supported her love for writing and encouraged her to pursue it in college. Along with writing, she has also always loved working with kids. With that being said, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2021, where she was also in the QUEST program as a secondary and special education major. She was also on the basketball team and in the sorority Delta Phi Epsilon. Lastly, she has three nieces and two nephews. They have been her motivation to not give up on her dreams because she wants them to know that they can do anything they put their mind to.